Popular Services include:

> Emergency Planning: Cygnal works with staff and any relevant emergency responders to assess current Emergency Response Plan. The assessment results in a report of summarized threats, assessment of current response plan including residual and secondary risks, and recommended adjustments and inclusions.

> Communication & Education: Cygnal jointly defines an Education Plan in response to any impending changes. The Education Plan contains a communication strategy and training timeline for any accepted recommendations to change the Emergency Response Plan.

> Training: In an emergency, every second counts. Cygnal generates training materials and conducts training.  Cygnal is prepared to provide full-time or part-time support, as necessary to achieve the desired level of responsiveness. We may conduct Train-the-Trainer (    ) readiness learning or a more complete training course.

> Test Response Measures: Testing the Emergency Response Plan allows us to catch any outdated instructions or mis-information prior to an actual event, and proofs the Emergency Response Plan.

Emergency Risk Planning

Don't Be Scared. Be Prepared!TM 

A program designed to empower the user, Cygnal knows preparation empowers people to be confident.

Emergency Planning pauses from daily operations to consider the epistemic and aleatory risks to organizations. Those ”Black (and increasingly popular “Gray”) Swan” events that don’t occur every day or on every project but can have huge impacts on an organization. Cygnal pulls from our extensive experience and training to support public and private sector organizations survive low probability, big impact events. Cygnal reviews these epistemic and aleatory risks by industry and will assess, test, and augment existing emergency procedures to fit your budget.

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