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Enterprise risk management

Integrating guiding principles for future success.

Enterprise Risk Management or “ERM” provides organizations with general guidance for integrating risk management into daily decisions and procedures. It encompasses the governance and framework - and often training - required for an organization to become practiced and confident in when to accept risks, when to manage them and to what degree, and when to escalate or communicate risks to senior management or peer departments.

Because change to processes can be overwhelming, wherever possible Cygnal Consulting designs user-friendly processes that capitalize on existing routines and procedures. Often a simple change of focus is enough for an organization to “manage risks” rather than “fight fires.”

Popular services include:

> Integrated Governance and Framework Design: Establish the terms by which risks are managed, decisions are made, and alternatives selected. Customized to meet the needs of the organization, this process seeks to define a tailored solution, integrated with existing ancillary procedures.

> Risk Informed Project Prioritization: Work with Operations & Maintenance and Asset Management to develop and execute risk informed project scoping and prioritization methods.

>Implementation: Develop and deliver training materials to support efficient roll-out of new guidelines and framework. Develop and conduct supporting training. Provide Staff Augmentation for ongoing activities to support daily operations.

> Test Response Measures: Assess operational response plans for residual or secondary risks. Identify any gaps or overlapping procedures. Define recommendations for smooth, practiced responses.